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K-Maru Crisis Communications has a world class track record for providing support, advice and management for communications during the worst of times. It’s been said that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation – and only seconds to destroy it. The same is true for a business, nonprofit or government agency, no matter if there’s one or 1,000 employees.
We are passionate about helpng our clients expertly craft their messages and responses; allowing communication in a strategic and effective fashion.

"K-Maru's support has been invaluable. They have been an exceptional partner to us during some very trying times"

- International data breach

Our Global Services

K-Maru Communications offers a wide range of crisis management and crisis communications services, including media training, litigation communications support, pre-crisis preparation, peer-reviews of crisis plans and crisis drills.

Our Crisis and Reputation Management Clients

• Corporations & manufacturers
• Adult health care communities
• Government agencies
• Nonprofits
• Trade associations
• Professional service firms
• Hospitals
• Public and private schools
• Colleges and universities

Types of Crises

The list below covers some (not all) of the types of incident we have assisted with.

• Accidents
• Active shooter
• Activist protests, attacks & campaigns
• Ballot issues
• Bankruptcies
• Criminal indictments
• Data breaches
• Discrimination claims
• Environmental events & clean-ups
• Executive misconduct
• Ransoms and Ransomware
• Successful Hacking attempts
• Federal & state regulatory actions & investigations
• Financial irregularities
• Food contamination & tampering
• High-profile litigation
• Intellectual property disputes
• Investigative property disputes
• Labor disputes & work stoppages
• Layoffs & staff reductions
• Litigation
• Medical malpractice
• Mergers & acquisitions
• Neighbor & community outrage
• Plant closings & staff reductions
• Product recalls & failures
• Reductions-in-force
• Regulatory issues
• Reputational threats
• Sexual misconduct
• Social media attacks
• Sudden changes in leadership
• White-collar crime
• Work stoppages & labor disputes
• Workplace fatalities & accidents


We offer a range of Strategic Communications and Marketing services tailored specifically to meet client needs and in support of defined business or organisational goals and objectives.
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Remember: Confidentiality is in our DNA.  Contact us now for a completely confidential conversation.

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